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Zimbabwe Trip Report 2017

 based bird species that has to be seen to be believed. It must also appeal to many of the fish species that call Kariba home as the fishing here can be not only productive but exciting as well. This latter especially so if you are lucky and catch one of what must be Africa's most sporty of fish, the Tiger Fish, with its intimidating, almost prehistoric, array of teeth. Several bream species abound here and can be enjoyed later at table as either a snack or a main course. Crayfish traps set overnight also guarantee a supply of the recently introduced crayfish which seem to be enjoying a population explosion and could become a problem for the future. (Images 60 - 66)

   From here we set forth on the next leg of our journey which was to culminate in a "braai" or barbecue in a romantic beach setting on one of the islands that dot the lake. The island in question is not home to anything large enough to eat you, squash you chase you, or even give you a nasty suck, so you are free to make the most of the setting without fear of rude interruption. (Image 67)

Binga and Masumu

The braai duly enjoyed and partially recovered from we then, the following morning, headed for the picturesque town of Binga. This town more or less sprang into being as a centre for the relocation of the Tonga people who were dispossessed of their ancestral lands by the rising of the Lake waters. Apart from being within reasonable reach of both Kariba and Victoria Falls, Binga can offer a wide raft of visitor attractions and activities in its own right. The Tonga are great handicraft workers and, apart from the chance to see these handicrafts being made and marketed at the Binga Craft Centre there is a BaTonga Museum dedicated to creating an awareness of Tonga culture and history as well as preserving and protecting Tonga cultural material and way of life. There is also a very extensive fruit and veg market where a number of very voluble ladies will be delighted to try to persuade you to purchase their wares. Nearby there is a site of "hot springs" which once boasted a "spa bath" facility which has, admittedly, fallen into disrepair but with the new surge in local infrastructure investment is now scheduled for refurbishment and is well worth a visit anyway. There is a sizeable crocodile breeding facility nearby which caters to tourists and offers very economically priced guided tours of the premises as well as a convenience store and cafe. Binga enjoys its own tar surfaced civil airstrip and locally based civilian air transport companies can now offer flights both in and out of Binga. (Images 68 - 79)

Sengwe Entrance Zimbabwe Hot Springs in Zimbabwe

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