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Zimbabwe Trip Report 2013

Playtime for a baby elephant Entrance sign into Matopo National Park Children in Zimbabwe village

The situation on the ground.

As things stand at the moment I saw no cause for concern at travelling to this part of the world. As with many countries throughout the world there will always be some political jockeying taking place in the background but in Zimbabwe, at the moment, there seems to be little or no evidence of it at street level. All the signs are that tourism is building up again towards former levels. The US dollar has become the accepted currency and this has had the effect of stabilising the every day consumer economy and put paid to the raging inflation with which Zimbabwe was formerly beset. This, coupled with freely available petrol and diesel, has made internal travel much easier and opened up areas that were formerly almost out of reach.

Flights and Price Guide

As of November 2013 a number of airlines will supposedly be reinstating direct flights to Zimbabwe and this will have the effect of shortening the journey and, hopefully, reducing costs. This, coupled with a planned expansion in the internal flights programme within Zimbabwe, could really have a beneficial effect on the overall pricing of the trips on offer. It will also mean that our host tour company will be able to offer all-in packages thus circumventing the need to book flights separately from ground costs. For this reason prices cannot be confirmed at present but my best guess is that travellers should be prepared for a price, including flights, of between £4000 and £5000 depending on the level of accommodation required.

Associated Activities

The huge variety of venue and activity options available means that, if booking as a group (min 6), your itinerary can, to a large extent, be tailored to your own specific requirements. Singles and couples can be catered for by pre-planned  routes bearing in mind that at a number of locations there will be time for, and availability of, a number of activities from which you can select those that appeal to you personally and irrespective of your fellow travellers. Many of these will not be covered in the trip price but may be booked and paid for separately. In Victoria Falls, for instance, the list is lengthy. Elephant riding, Game Drives, Helicopter flights, River Cruises, Bungee jumping, Canoeing, Kayaking and White Water Rafting to name but a few. If planning some of these make sure that your travel insurance covers such activities. You are recommended to take some form of anti-malaria medication and should be guided by travel clinic advice before departure. Some malaria medication regimes need to start some time before your trip so don't leave it to the last minute.

   Those wishing to book one of these trips should let me know as soon as possible so your details can be forwarded to our host company and draw comfort from the fact that my happy smiling face will be right there with you throughout!!


 Talks and Lectures

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