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You don't have to travel abroad to capture excellent pictures of wildlife in Britain....here are an assortment of useful links

I  In addition to our extensive range of  Natural History images we are able to offer a number of photographic services to the Travel Industry.

Zimbabwe Travelogues:-

   Many of the Zimbabwe sites mentioned in my two trip reports have been covered only cursorily in view of the overall trip duration and content. I have, however, a significant amount of material on most of these sites and should you require any specific sites to be covered in greater detail it should not present a problem. If making an enquiry along these lines please state how many relevant images you wish to include and I can provide a selection to choose from.


   We can prepare, and personally present at Travel Shows/Events and the like, multi-media presentations customized to suit your itineraries. These can be accompanied by a question and answer session for places that we have, personally, visited. Alternatively we can provide presentations via various formats for your own staff to present.

Tour Hosting:-

I am happy to accompany any tours on a hosting basis only and/or to produce a photographic record and customized/personalised Trip Report, of the Tour in question.

We can also produce customized multi-media presentations on a wide range of subjects to be delivered during the course of your tours. Please check our "Talks List" page for the full range of existing presentations and descriptive Video Trailers along the lines of which yours can be produced.

Reconnaissance Trips:-

   I am happy to accompany or undertake reconnaissance Trips to new areas and provide photographic and travelogue reports accordingly.

Greetings Cards:-

   I have a range of 90 High Quality Wildlife Greetings Cards available on request, ideal and unique for notifying or messaging your customers.

Digital Images:-

   I have a substantial library of high res Scenic and Wildlife images available. These can be viewed either on my website or, should your subject of interest not be covered there, by emailed thumbnail on request. Please state size required.

General Requirements:-

   Should you have any photographic or travelogue requirements not covered by the above then please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss them.

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