The Talks offered in this section will have been structured to appeal to as wide an audience base as possible and will not be too "heavy going" in their content. Any of the titles listed under our 90 mins and 120 mins section of the Talks list can be adapted for public performance in a form not available on the normal club/society circuit. In addition, we have one or two unlisted talks specifically for this type of venue and a quick phone call or email will ascertain current availability.

Duration times can normally be adjusted subject to negotiation at time of booking. Unless otherwise requested Talk times will be based on two parts of approx 1 hour each with a refreshment break of your required duration in between. For these presentations we can work on a "fee" basis or ticket split if preferred.

If necessary we have a full set of equipment suitable for venues seating up to 200, including screens and sound system, or can connect into certain in-house facilities subject to compatibility with our systems.

We will require at least 60mins uninterrupted set-up time. Break-down afterwards is a little quicker. Dependent on venue and circumstances we would request the option of table space in the foyer/similar to cover the pre-start and interval periods to allow us to offer copies of our books and prints for sale.

Whilst my Talks Season is limited to the 1st Oct through to 31st March it is sometimes possible to arrange an event at other times of the year. This is dependent on my travel schedule and a quick email will establish my availability. Especially during Spring and Summer I am not always in regular receipt of phone signals. Email is the preferred means of contact since I have someone to monitor these when I am out of reach.


An introduction to Theatre Talks

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