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 Whilst we still have a number of older, lower resolution Talks that we can offer (details on request) to groups working on a very tight budget, all our currently listed Talks are presented in Full HD, 16:9 Widescreen  format on a variety of screen sizes to suit your venue and anticipated audience size. Whilst we can offer, by special arrangement, a number of presentations of a very specific nature and subject content, nevertheless all our listed "Titled Talks" have been structured to suit audiences of mixed levels of Wildlife interest and will hopefully include "something for everyone". If yours is a specific, as opposed to a general interest group, then clicking on the drop down menu below will provide further information for your  type of group.

All talks are presented in Full HD 16:9 Widescreen Format.

Multimedia Presentations

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Our Wildlife Talks

These talks are fully illustrated multimedia presentations on an extensive variety of natural history subjects to suit groups, clubs and societies. Presenting wildlife photography from around the globe.

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