Things can go bump in the night

Brian Pettit - 20/11/2012

   Quite often, late in the day or in adverse weather, you will come across photographic subjects for which you may have searched most diligently, in conditions under which you feel you could not do them justice photographically. This obviously applies to subjects of a static nature such as those of a botanical bent. If they are located close to home, or you are going to be in the area for a few days, the temptation is to say that you'll come back in the morning when the light or the weather will be better. DO NOT DO IT!!

   Regardless of the conditions prevailing take the best shots that you can there and then, even if they leave much to be desired and will never constitute a competition entry let alone a winner. I have lost count of the number of times that I have gone back in the morning only to find that something else got there first and completely obliterated my target. Wind, rain, sleet, hail, size 10 boots, 4WD's, tractors, mowers, nocturnal munchers and once, near my home village in Spain, even my neighbour Pepe's flock of sheep have all conspired to ruin my plans for the perfect shot.

   Take the picture, there and then, and then at least you've got the shots. If you can return and better them later then so be it and you can discard the earlier ones but at least you will have something to show for your trouble if man or nature intervene to ruin your plans. My advice is - Do it now, there's no time like the present!!


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