Our various lists of Talks contain a number that are already suited to Gardening/Horticultural audiences or can be made so with a few tweaks and twiddles.

Our coverage of both the Plant and Animal Kingdoms is comprehensive and our talks reflect this. Normal Talk content is geared to providing what we feel would be a balanced programme for mixed audiences. If, however, you would prefer your talk to be of a more Botanical bent then we will undoubtedly have sufficient coverage to be able to make the necessary amendments to the content. Please advise us at the time of booking.

    We have particularly comprehensive coverage of Terrestrial Orchids of both Britain and Europe, Bulbous Plants of Britain and Europe,  Wild Narcissi of France and Iberia, Alpine Plants and general Wildflowers of Britain and Europe. Should you require a Talk based on any of these subjects please advise us in good time and, workload permitting, we should be able to structure a presentation specifically for your group.  

Wildlife Talks for Gardening and Horticultural Societies