This is really a follow-on from our earlier Talk "Life's Tough at the Top". Having "ex-patted" to Spain in the 80's I have made the overland journey from here to there and back again so many times that I have managed to seek out many of those unexplored highways and byways that do not feature on the Tourist maps. I have made the journey at all times of the year which has resulted in my being able to offer, with this presentation, what I believe is one the most comprehensive talks available on the Wildlife and scenery that features along this route to the South. From the Massif Central of South-central France to the Alps on the Italian Border, from the Camargue to the Corbieres, from the Pyrenees to historic Cuenca and the Montes Universales and "down South" to the Montes  de Cazorla and on to the Sierra Nevada, this presentation covers it all. Plants, mammals, birds, invertebrates - you name it - if it grows it's in this talk which - you've guessed it - is yet another of those un-missable ones!!

A Wildlife Ramble through France and Spain