This presentation is the result of several visits to this remote spot deep down in the Southern Hemisphere. Despite the many unspeakable horrors that man has inflicted on them in the past many of the Falklands Wildlife Species have become so tolerant of other forms of Wildlife, including Homo sapiens, that they treat you as virtually invisible. This allows for some stunning close-up photography and this is just what this Talk portrays. Apart from the Wildlife there is in-depth coverage of the scenery and sights in and around the capital, Stanley, as well as several of the Islands. That the wind never, ever, seems to stop blowing and grit on your sensor is the least of your problems, the almost humbling experience of just being accepted as part of the landscape by so much Wildlife has led to one of the most satisfying and gratifying photographic experiences of my life. Another of those "not to be missed" presentations has come out of it and whilst I realise that you may not be able to manage them all in one season - Never fear! - I intend to "keep on keeping on" for as close to "forever" as I can, so you can book as many return visits as you like in order not to miss any of them!!

A Falklands Wildlife Odyssey