Talks Disclaimer.

   All our talks are constantly tweaked, twiddled and updated and, from time to time, some of their content may change slightly from that previously advertised. Accordingly, especially in view of the often lengthy time between booking and presentation, we regret we cannot commit definitively to specific content in advance. These changes are likely to be minor and the essential theme of the presentation will normally remain the same.

   Due to the sensitive nature of many of our subjects the images we use in our presentations, particularly close-ups, will be the best images we have of the species in question. Whilst always being relevant to any area being depicted some may have been obtained elsewhere from a variety of hides or under conditions that prevent the potential stress that intrusive or insensitive photography can inadvertently create.

   We regret being unable to enter into discussions as to where and when a given image was obtained. Much of our work is carried out with rehabilitation and reintroduction projects, or on private access land holding vulnerable and valuable species the whereabouts of which it would not be prudent to disclose. We also work in a number of ecologically sensitive sites, particularly botanical, where a pair of ill placed size 10 walking boots could cause irreparable damage. We are quite happy to discuss possible sites for various subjects where they occur in areas of public access since the regular throughput of visitors will have reduced the potential stress factors associated with a human presence.

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