I have a number of talks geared up for the above audiences. Most of the Talks listed under the 60mins Duration Time column in the Talks List are suitable and can be made more so by gearing the narration to suit the group concerned.

 In addition to these, at any one time, I normally have two or three unlisted "talks of the moment" the content of which changes on a regular basis and reflects our latest travels and photographic experiences.

   In practise, however, it may be more convenient to discuss the proposed content with the various organisers concerned personally. If you would prefer please get in touch with me by phone, or email me with contact details and I will get back to you, when we can discuss what would suit your particular group.

   Talk duration is normally about 1 hour, though longer is not a problem should you require it.

   I have a very strongly illuminated projector so that if your premises do not allow a complete blackout we can usually still manage. I have all the equipment required including a very good sound system.

Wildlife Talks for Day Centres, Care Homes and Third Age Groups.