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“…This is intended to be the book that I would like to have had when I first started out in wildlife photography as a serious pursuit. Apart from it’s anecdotal and autobiographical content I have endeavoured to highlight the various groups of wildlife that are readily accessible and which constitute suitable photographic subjects.

I have steered clear of hi-tec photographic instructions since there is a wealth of material available on how to use the various image taking equipment that is available in today’s marketplace. Rather I have concentrated on tips and techniques on fieldcraft to enable readers to get within ‘lens-range’ of their chosen subjects and obtain images of competition quality.

Because many groups of wildlife demand different approaches I have broken the wildlife world up into the individual sections that seem to attract the widest interest.

Above all I have attempted to convince readers from all abilities and backgrounds that, with no shortage of subjects, the wonderful world of wildlife is within easy reach. If you have a latent wildlife photographer inside you struggling to get out this book will tell you ‘what to look for ‘, ‘where to go’, and what to do when you get there’.

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