Further to our recent Zimbabwe Talk entitled Zimbabwe on the Wildside, I have made a number of further visits and can now offer a fantastic Wildlife Presentation based on this fairly under-recorded part of Africa's Wildlife Heritage. From historic Selous to the Matopos Hills, from Lake Kariba to Victoria Falls and, finally, to the jewel in Zimbabwe's Wildlife Crown - Hwange Game Reserve - all are covered in this comprehensive presentation. Benefiting from the advantages that the Full HD Widescreen format has to offer this is a not to be missed Talk especially for anyone planning to "make safari" to Africa or those who have already done so. The content is not just another "Big 5" event but looks under the rocks and behind the bushes to uncover many of the other species that are just as important in maintaining the balance of African Nature and holding together that "Wildlife Web" we all love so much.

Zimbabwe - Off the Beaten Track