Having visited Kariba many times before we were not, on this Tour, visiting the dam wall and its associated Church, and so we then proceeded to our cruise boat, The Umbohza, which was moored in a nearby harbour. This is one of the largest boats on the lake and offers a degree of luxury and comfort somewhat unexpected so far off the beaten track. (45 - 49)

   Our first stop on the Lake was at Rhino Safari Lodge, which is built on a peninsula which turns into an island in the rainy season, or when lake levels are high. This well established Safari Camp is now being extensively refurbished and will become one of the major stop-offs in the forthcoming Cruise Programme. At present the camp is unfenced and the accommodation is on stilts to allow local wildlife free access. Game Drives, Walking and Fishing are some of the activities on offer and the wealth of animal and birdlife beggars belief. African Fish Eagles, once heard never forgotten, are well represented together with over 300 other bird species. "The Big Five" co-exist happily with their Safari Lodge neighbours and there is a wealth of smaller animal species to back them up. (50 -52)

   From here we paid a visit to Kings Camp Fishing Village to whom we had promised to deliver a football. This village enjoys certain fishing rights which allow its inhabitants to continue a centuries old way of life. When the dam wall was erected in the late 1950's the rising waters displaced many of the local inhabitants as well as much of the wildlife resident in what had hitherto been the Zambezi valley. Various resettlement programmes for both humans and wildlife were undertaken and this camp is part of that process. Very unspoilt in its nature, the people are welcoming and a joy to be with. Tourists are not that plentiful but the people go out of their way to offer a warm welcome and even put on a "play" for our visit. Visitors are free to walk around the fairly extensive settlement without being pestered, hassled or hurried in any way. If you have any unwanted clothing or other trappings of modern life to spare they will be more than gratefully, and genuinely so, received with thanks and appreciation. The children in particular are very forthcoming, unspoilt, love to hold your hand, and an absolute pleasure to be with. (53 - 59)

   From here we cruised to the Sengwe River, which is one of the wildlife hotspots of this part of Kariba. Probably a dry river bed prior to the dam being built this has become a very scenic gorge teeming with Wildlife which includes an array of water

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