Autumn Spiders


Although many species of Spider occur all year round particularly those that enjoy the comforts of living in our often centrally heated homes, it is towards the end of summer/autumn when they become most apparent.


Anyone taking an early morning walk through suitable habitat such as fields, heaths or roadside verges, will be struck by the sheer number of webs showing up by virtue of the dew that they attract. As this evaporates in the morning warmth the webs become characteristically almost invisible, a factor which is essential for their efficacy as insect traps. Coincidentally it makes it harder for the aspirant arachnophotographer to locate his subjects.


Very little about invertebrate photography is easy – except to those who have never tried it!! Ignore them and keep searching, for the Spider World can be highly rewarding in diversity of subject matter and quite a challenge in respect ofphotographic technique. Some form of closeup capability will be called for as some of the species are diminutive in size.


This need not cost the earth. As long as you have a camera with interchangeable lenses you can buy inexpensive closeup filters that screw onto the end of the lens and which come in various sizes measured in “dioptres”. These are easy to fit in the field and do not involve removing the lens from the body with the ensuing risk of letting dust in to the sensor. Some Spiders are a bit “twitchy” but a great many will let you approach quite closely if you “take it easy”. For identification purposes be careful what guides you choose to use because

although most people would normally think of Spiders as being “insects” they are not technically so since they have 8 legs, whereas insects have 6, and they are therefore not included in the coverage of most “Insect” books. There is, however, an excellent Collins Fieldguide on the subject  ISBN 0 00219981 5. Good luck!

Autumn Spiders

This is an image of a Wasp Spider

Wasp Spider 

Dolomedes Raft Spider

Dolomedes Raft Spider

Image of a Spider

Garden Spider

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